Moulded Designer Doors

BWR Flush Door (IS: 2202)
Kamdhenu offers moulded designer doors made from High Density Moulded Skin. Kamdhenu Moulded doors consist of seasoned hardwood frame and core material covered with HDF Door Skin and hot pressed. Phenol Formaldehyde Resin is used to bond the door skin with hard frame together.

These are available in 21 designs and with the dimensions of Length of 2.15 m. (maximum) x Width ranging from 0.65 m to 1.07 m.; and in thickness 30mm and 35mm.

Technical Specifications

Tolerance on legth of door +5mm - 0mm
Tolerance on width of door +5mm - 0mm
Tolerance on thickness +1mm - 0mm
Square ness 0.50 %
Edge straightness 0.50 %
Surface Evenness Within Limits
Screw holding capcity Above 1000 N

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