research & development

Our Team of Researchers work constantly to upgrade the production technology as per the International standards. Our motive is to produce steel that is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment in any possible ways. We use the most updated Technology for the production of Steel Bars in our plants. The bars produced go through a rigorous procedure to make sure that they meet the standards as we promise.

Kamdhenu is objectively a value creating customer-driven Indian enterprise where innovation is the fulcrum of growth and R&D the catalyst to be ahead of times. Kamdhenu use cutting-edge technological processes and ensures strict adherence to quality management systems.

CNC Machine

Notching machine for double rib programming for uniform ribs and better finishing of the TMT Bars. Develop new rib pattern of two ribs at different angle give as intact bonding with concrete.




Spectrometer is the most successful metal analyzer in the World. Its used for our analysis and development center for analysis the quality of metals for producing in Kamdhenu Nxt TMT Bars.


Mechanical Properties

Yield Stress

Stress at which elongation across in the test pieces without increasing the load.

Tensile strength

The Maximum load reached in a tensile test divided by effective cross section area.


Increase in length of a tensile test piece under stress.


Total Elongation (Uniform Elongation)

The elongation corresponding to the maximum load reached in a tensile test.

Total elongation

Bend Test

Bend Due to soft core, the tempcore bar can be easily bent & re-straightened without cracking or loss of tensile strength.

Bend Test of Welded Joint

Bend TestDue to low carbon equivalent it can be easily butt or lap weld and bars (Tempcore) resistance to cracking due to low carbon equivalent.

Bend in ZIG ZAG Way

Zig ZagThe tough ductile microstructure ensures bent under adverse condition without failure.

Heat Resistant Test

HeatThis test shows that Tempcore bars retains more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300 degree Centigrade and 40% at 500 degree Centigrade.

Bond strength

In addition to the strength and ductility requirements, reinforced concrete needs adequate bonding between steel and concrete to ensure the composite works efficiently and cracks are under control. Perfect bonding between concrete and ductility is a property of reinforcing steel that is essential in those applications where structures are subject to unexpected forces (Seismic, dynamic, impact etc.) boasts more than 250% higher values as compared to required bond strength. The structure of two ribs at different angles gives an intact bonding with concrete. Higher value of rib area of Kamdhenu Nxt TMT rebars provides larger contact area for the concrete.

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