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Kamdhenu’s Technological improvements over the years has contributed immensely to the enhancement of quality of life through various new products & services. One such revolution is the Pre – Engineered Buildings. Its origin can be traced back to last four decades; its potential has been felt only during the recent years. This was mainly due to the development in technology, which helped in computerizing the design.

A recent survey by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) shows that about 60% of non-residential low rise building in USA are PEB's.

PEB are steel structures built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof & wall sheeting connected to each other & various other building components. The building can be provided with skylight, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, roof monitors, doors & windows trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies, crane system, insulators etc., based on customers' requirements. These buildings are custom designed to be lighter in weight & high in strength. It is also economical in cost, factory controlled quality, durability, longevity, flexibility in expansion, environment friendly, faster installation etc.

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