Installation & Storage Instruction

  • Always store material in a dry, shaded and good ventilated area.
  • Keep the sheets covered, if not required for immediate use.
  • Remove the guard film before installation of sheet.
  • Before removal of guard film, sheet should not be in contact with water / moisture.
  • Do ensure the appropriate fasteners are selected according to the environment at the time of installation.
  • Keep proper inclination when used as rooftop.
  • Don't keep colour coated sheets in contact with cement, dirt and chemicals like paint, thinner and water.
  • Don’t expose sheet to extreme of acid, chemical fumes or any chemical environment.
  • Do not slide sheet on rough surface or over each other.
  • Store packs of the material above the ground by using wooden plank. It should be kept in covered godown and in vertical condition.
  • Do not keep the material on wet floor (water, rain etc.)
  • Sheets should not be kept in open space and in horizontal condition.
  • Prevent water seepage inside the packed sheets.

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