Publication Edition Date
Aajit chandigarh 01-December-2021
Aajit chandigarh 01-December-2021
Yugmarg chandigarh 30-November-2021
Charhdikala chandigarh 29-November-2021
Uday Today Jaipur 21-September-2021
Jaipur Midday Times Jaipur 21-September-2021
Hindustan Express Jaipur 21-September-2021
Dainik Bhor Jaipur 21-September-2021
Dainik Adhikar Jaipur 21-September-2021
Samachar Jagat Jaipur 21-September-2021
The Public Side Jaipur 21-September-2021
Dainik Bhaskar Jaipur 21-September-2021
Rajasthan Patrika Jaipur 21-September-2021
Aaj Varanasi 18-September-2021
Gyan Sikha Varanasi 18-September-2021
State Media Varanasi 18-September-2021
Janmadhyam Kanpur Varanasi 18-September-2021
Swatantra Bharat Jaipur 18-September-2021
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 17-September-2021
Janmadhyam Lucknow 17-September-2021
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 17-September-2021
Daily News Activist Lucknow 17-September-2021
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 17-September-2021
Aaj Lucknow 17-September-2021
Dainik Jagran Lucknow 17-September-2021
Velugu Hyderabad 17-August-2021
Namasthy Telangana Hyderabad 17-August-2021
Andhra Jyothi Hyderabad 17-August-2021
Telangana Today Hyderabad 17-August-2021
The Times of India Hyderabad 17-August-2021
Himachal Dastak Shimla 17-August-2021
Action India Shimla 17-August-2021
Arth Prakash Shimla 17-August-2021
Yugmarg Shimla 17-August-2021
Dainik jagran Shimla 17-August-2021
Punjab Kesari Shimla 17-August-2021
Navgujarat Samay Ahmedabad 17-August-2021
Divya Gujarat Ahmedabad 14-August-2021
Subah Savera Ahmedabad 14-August-2021
Nirmal Metro Ahmedabad 14-August-2021
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 10-August-2021
Prabhat Ahmedabad 10-August-2021
Prabhat Ahmedabad 10-August-2021
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 10-August-2021
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 06-August-2021
Palash News Ahmedabad 05-August-2021
Samachar Jagat Jaipur 03-August-2021
Vagad Doot Jaipur 03-August-2021
Maru Prahar Jaipur & Ajmer 30-July-2021
Adunik Ajmer Jaipur & Ajmer 30-July-2021
Aatma Ki Jwala Jaipur 29-July-2021
Jai Rajasthan Jaipur 29-July-2021
Dainik Bhaskar Bharatpur 29-July-2021
Construction and Architecture Magazine National May-June 2021
Veer Arjun Haldwani 31-March-2021
Uttar Bharat Live Haldwani 31-March-2021
Rashtriya Sahara Haldwani 31-March-2021
Hindustan Haldwani 29-March-2021
Veer Arjun Dehradun 26-March-2021
Uttar Bharat Live Dehradun 26-March-2021
Projects Mirror Magazine Delhi 12-March-2021
Dainik Bhor Jaipur 05-February-2021
The Public Side Jaipur 05-February-2021
Khabaro ki Duniya Jaipur 05-February-2021
Jaipur Midday Times Jaipur 05-February-2021
Vir Arjun Jaipur 05-February-2021
Dainik Adhikar Jaipur 05-February-2021
Dainik Navjyoti Jaipur 05-February-2021
Rajasthan Patrika Jaipur 05-February-2021
Dainik Bhaskar Jaipur 05-February-2021
Navshakti Mumbai 04-February-2021
The Free Press Journal Mumbai 04-February-2021
Zee Business Mumbai 04-February-2021
Zee Business Mumbai 03-February-2021
Construction Technology Today National 29-october-2020
The Machinist National 28-october-2020
Construction Technology Today National 27-october-2020
EPC & I National 27-october-2020
The Echo of India Kolkata 22-october-2020
EPC & I National 19-october-2020
EPC & I National 13-october-2020
Satellite Samachar Ahmedabad 28-July-2020
Nirmal Metro Ahmedabad 28-July-2020
Prabhat Ahmedabad 28-July-2020
Ahmedabad Express Ahmedabad 28-July-2020
Navbharat Mumbai 28-July-2020
Gujarat Karobar Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
Karnavati Metro Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
Subha Savera Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
Prabhat Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
Jay Gujarat Ahmedabad 02-July-2020
The Pioneer All Editions 14-April-2020
Veer Arjun New Delhi 14-April-2020
Veer Arjun New Delhi 07-March-2020
Aaj Patna 23-January-20
Amritvarsha Patna 22-January-20
Deshpran Patna 22-January-20
Media Darshan Patna 22-January-20
Rashtriya Sagar Patna 22-January-20
Mithila Gaurav Patna 22-January-20
Aaj Lucknow 14-January-20
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 14-January-20
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 14-January-20
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 14-January-20
Spasht Awaaz Lucknow 14-January-20
Daily News Activist Lucknow 14-January-20
Tarunmitra Lucknow 14-January-20
Yugmarg New Delhi 14-January-20
Dainik Bhaskar New Delhi 14-January-20
Aap Ka Faisla New Delhi 14-January-20
Fast Media New Delhi 14-January-20
Vir Arjun New Delhi 28-November-19
Navbharat Mumbai 01-December-19
Janpath Samachar Siliguri 02-December-19
Morning Post Ghaziabad 13-October-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 07-October-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 07-October-19
Divya Himachal Chandigarh 07-October-19
Aaj Samaj New Delhi 07-October-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 06-October-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 06-October-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 06-October-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 06-October-19
Aaj Di Awaaz Chandigarh 06-October-19
Virat Vaibhav New Delhi 05-October-19
Vyapar Hindi New Delhi 05-October-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 05-October-19
Roz Ki Khabar Lucknow 05-October-19
Spasht Awaaz Lucknow 05-October-19
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 05-October-19
Aaj Lucknow 05-October-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 05-October-19
Navbharat Mumbai 03-October-19
Herald Younleader Ahmedabad 03-October-19
Navbharat Mumbai 03-October-19
Dainik Hint Ghazibad 02-October-19
Ek Sandesh Ghaziabad 02-October-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 18-September-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 18-September-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 18-September-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 17-September-19
Aaj Di Awwaz Chandigarh 17-September-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 17-September-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 18-September-19
Punjab Times Chandigarh 18-September-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 18-September-19
Satellitte Samachar Ahmedabad 02-September-19
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 02-September-19
Divya Gujrati Ahmedabad 31-August-19
Aaj Di Awaaz Chandigarh 30-August-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 30-August-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 30-August-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 30-August-19
The Economic Times Gujarati Ahmedabad 30-August-19
Punjab Times Chandigarh 30-August-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 30-August-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 30-August-19
The Economic Times Gujrati Ahmedabad 30-August-19
Free Press Gujarat Ahmedabad 29-August-19
Roz Ki Khabar Lucknow 29-August-19
Spasht Awaaz Lucknow 29-August-19
Rashtriya Prastavana Lucknow 29-August-19
Swatantra Bharat Lucknow 29-August-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 29-August-19
Navbharat Mumbai 29-August-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 29-August-19
Tarunmitra Lucknow 29-August-19
Free Press Gujarat Ahmedabad 29-August-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 29-August-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 28-August-19
Loksatya New Delhi 28-August-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 28-August-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 28-August-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 28-August-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 28-August-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 28-August-19
Aaj Samaj New Delhi 28-August-19
Yeshobhoomi Mumbai 28-August-19
Vir Arjun New Delhi 28-August-19
Vyapar Handi Mumbai 26-August-19
Farooqui Tanzeem Patna 25-August-19
Taasir Patna 25-August-19
Qaumi Tamzeen Patna 24-August-19
Aman Chain Patna 24-August-19
Pindar Patna 24-August-19
Pyari Urdu Patna 24-August-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 23-August-20
Yugmarg Chandigarh 23-August-19
The Hindu Business Line Ahmedabad 23-August-20
Amrit Varsha Patna 22-August-20
Deshpran Patna 22-August-20
Media Darshan Patna 22-August-20
Amrit Varsha Patna 22-August-19
Deshpran Patna 22-August-19
Media Darshan Patna 22-August-19
Aaj Samaj New Delhi 21-August-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 21-August-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 21-August-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 21-August-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 21-August-19
Aaj Di Awaaz Chandigarh 21-August-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 21-August-19
Milap Chandigarh 21-August-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 21-August-19
Punjab Times Chandigarh 21-August-19
Aaj Samaj New Delhi 21-August-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 21-August-20
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 21-August-20
Aaj Samaj New Delhi 21-August-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 21-August-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 21-August-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 21-August-19
Aaj Lucknow 20-August-19
Hindustan Lucknow 20-August-19
Tarunmitra Lucknow 20-August-19
Daily Bhaskar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Ki Awaaz Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aap ka Faisla Chandigarh 20-August-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 20-August-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 20-August-19
Milap Chandigarh 20-August-19
Pehredra Chandigarh 20-August-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aap ka Faisla Chandigarh 20-August-19
Divya Himachal Chandigarh 20-August-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Lucknow 20-August-19
Hindustan Lucknow 20-August-19
Tarunmitra Lucknow 20-August-20
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Di Awwaz Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Ka Faisla Chandigarh 20-August-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 20-August-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 20-August-19
Milap Chandigarh 20-August-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Lucknow 20-August-19
Hindustan Lucknow 20-August-19
Tarunmitra Lucknow 20-August-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aaj Di awaaz Chandigarh 20-August-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 20-August-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 20-August-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 20-August-19
Milap Chandigarh 20-August-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 20-August-19
Yeshobhoomi Mumbai 19-August-19
Janpath Samachar Mumbai 18-August-19
Media Darshan Patna 19-August-19
Rastriya Sagar Patna 19-August-19
Vir Arjun New Delhi 18-August-19
Janpath Times Lucknow 18-August-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 17-August-19
Swtantra Bharat Lucknow 18-August-19
Rastriya Pratavanna Lucknow 18-August-19
Aaj Lucknow 18-August-19
Amrit Varsha Lucknow 18-August-19
Deshpran Patna 18-August-19
Herrald Youngleader Ahemadabad 17-August-19
Marwad Mitra Ahemadabad 17-August-19
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 17-August-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 17-August-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 17-August-19
Swantrata Bharat Lucknow 17-August-19
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 17-August-19
Roz Ki Khabar Lucknow 17-August-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 17-August-19
Navbharat Mumbai 17-August-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 17-August-19
Roz Ki Khabar Lucknow 17-August-19
Kamdhenu Limited Lucknow 17-August-19
Spasht Awaaz Lucknow 17-August-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 17-August-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 17-August-19
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 17-August-19
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 17-August-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 17-August-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 17-August-19
Swantatra Bharat Lucknow 17-August-19
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 17-August-19
Roz Ki Kahabbar Lucknow 17-August-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 17-August-20
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 17-August-19
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 17-August-19
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 17-August-19
Rastriya Sahara Lucknow 17-August-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 17-August-19
Swatantra Bharat Lucknow 17-August-19
Swasht Awaz Lucknow 17-August-19
Roz Ki Khabbar Lucknow 17-August-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 17-August-19
The Financial Times All Editions 15-August-19
The Hindu Business Line All Editions 15-August-19
The Financial Express All Edition 15-August-19
The Business Line All Editions 15-August-19
The Hindu Business Line All Editions 15-August-19
The Financial Express All Editions 15-August-19
Janpath Samachar Mumbai 29-August-19
Hindustan Lucknow 29-August-19
Tarun Chhattisgarh Raipur 18-July-19
Swadesh Raipur 18-July-19
Amrit Sandesh Raipur 22-July-19
Pratidin Rajdhani Raipur 17-July-19
Ispat Times Raipur 21-July-19
Samay Darshan Raipur 16-July-19
Samvet Shikhar Raipur 16-July-19
Agradoot Raipur 16-July-19
Amanpath Raipur 16-July-19
Dainik Vishwapariwar Raipur 16-July-19
Dabang Dunia Raipur 16-July-19
National Express New Delhi 11-July-19
Yeshobhoomi Mumbai 04-July-19
Navbharat Mumbai 04-July-19
Janpath Samachar Mumbai 03-July-19
Vir Arjun New Delhi 14-June-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 14-June-19
Dainik Savera Chandigarh 14-June-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 14-June-19
Herald Youngleader Chandigarh 14-June-19
Gujarat Pranam Ahmedabad 12-June-19
Gujarat Niti Ahmedabad 12-June-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 11-June-19
Divya Gujarat Ahmedabad 11-June-19
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 11-June-19
Satellite Samachar Ahmedabad 11-June-19
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 11-June-19
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 12-May-19
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 12-May-19
Daily News Activist Lucknow 12-May-19
Hindustan Lucknow 12-May-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 12-May-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 12-May-19
Divya Himachal Chandigarh 12-May-19
Amritvarsha Patna 11-May-19
Farooqui Tanzeem Patna 11-May-19
Amin Patna 11-May-19
Qaumi Tanzeem Patna 11-May-19
Pyari Urdu Patna 11-May-19
The Hamara Nara Patna 11-May-19
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 11-May-19
Fast Media Chandigarh 11-May-19
Rashtriya Sagar Patna 11-May-19
Aaj Patna 11-May-19
Aaj Samaj Chandigarh 11-May-19
Charhdikala Chandigarh 11-May-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 11-May-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 11-May-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 11-May-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 11-May-19
Vir Arjun New Delhi 09-May-19
Gurgaon Mail Gurgaon 09-May-19
Gurgaon Today Gurgaon 09-May-19
Media Darshan Patna 09-May-19
Avenue Mail Ranchi 20-April-19
Bihar Observer Ranchi 20-April-19
Jharkhand Jagran Ranchi 20-April-19
Nav Pradesh Ranchi 20-April-19
Indian Punch Ranchi 20-April-19
Shwet Patra Ranchi 20-April-19
Nav Bihar Ranchi 20-April-19
Desh Pran Ranchi 19-April-19
Khabar Mantra Ranchi 19-April-19
Qaumi Tanzeem Patna 11-April-19
Pinar Patna 11-April-19
Hamara Samaj Patna 11-April-19
Hakikat Times Patna 11-April-19
Sahara Express Patna 11-April-19
The Hamara Naara Patna 11-April-19
Rashtriya Sagar Patna 10-April-19
Aman Chain Patna 11-April-19
Ghar Ghar Ki Awaz Patna 11-April-19
Aaj Patna 10-April-19
Media Darshan Patna 10-April-19
Yugmarg Chandigarh 09-April-19
Pehredar Chandigarh 09-April-19
Milap Chandigarh 09-April-19
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 08-April-19
Aj Di Awaz Chandigarh 07-April-19
Navbharat Mumbai 08-April-19
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 07-April-19
Chandi Bhumi Chandigarh 08-April-19
Yeshobhoomi Mumbai 06-April-19
Divya Himachal Chandigarh 07-April-19
Dainik Nyaya Setu Chandigarh 07-April-19
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 07-April-19
Punjabi Jagran Chandigarh 07-April-19
Aaj Patna 08-April-19
Prabhat Khabar Patna 07-April-19
Media Darshan Patna 06-April-19
Amritvarsha Patna 06-April-19
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 06-April-19
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 06-April-19
Swatantra Bharat Kanpur 06-April-19
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 06-April-19
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 06-April-19
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 06-April-19
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 06-April-19
Aaj Lucknow 06-April-19
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 06-April-19
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 06-April-19
Financial Express All Edition 06-April-19
Crime Patrol Dehradun 24-February-19
Inext Dehradun 24-February-19
Rashtriya Sahara Dehradun 24-February-19
Pradhan Times Dehradun 24-February-19
Uday Prabha Dehradun 24-February-19
Denik Bhaskar Dehradun 24-February-19
Gurugram Bhiwadi 19-February-19
Panch Baje Bhiwadi 19-February-19
Pathak Pakesh Bhiwadi 18-February-19
Sanjedrfan Hubli 16-February-19
Dabang Dunia Indore 17-February-19
People's Samachar Indore 17-February-19
nav Bharat Indore 17-February-19
Chaitanya Lok Indore 16-February-19
Indore Samachar Indore 16-February-19
State Express Indore 16-February-19
News Today Indore 16-February-19
Johere e Gufthar Hubli 16-February-19
Nadoja Hubli 16-February-19
Samdarshi Hubli 16-February-19
Hallisandesha Hubli 16-February-19
Kaifiyat Hubli 16-February-19
Suvaranlouka Hubli 16-February-19
Sanjeevani Hubli 16-February-19
Indusanje Hubli 16-February-19
Sanjvarta Pune 16-January-19
Vishwadarpan Pune 16-January-19
Rashtratej Pune 16-January-19
Janmanthan Pune 24-January-19
Navin Sandhya Pune 24-January-19
Hamnava Pune 30-January-19
Aaj Ranchi 12-January-19
Avenue Mail Ranchi 12-January-19
Jharkhand Jagran Ranchi 12-January-19
Nav Prakash Ranchi 12-January-19
Indian Punch Ranchi 12-January-19
Sanmarg Ranchi 12-January-19
Khabar Mantra Ranchi 12-January-19
Shwet Patra Ranchi 12-January-19
New Ispat Mail Ranchi 12-January-19
Aaj Ranchi 12-January-19
Avenue Mail Ranchi 12-January-19
Jharkhand Jagran Ranchi 12-January-19
Nav pradesh Ranchi 12-January-19
Indian Punch Ranchi 12-January-19
Sanmarg Ranchi 12-January-19
Khabar Mantra Ranchi 12-January-19
Shwet Patra Ranchi 12-January-19
New Ispat Mail Ranchi 12-January-19
Chamkta Aina Ranchi 12-January-19
Chamakta Aina Ranchi 13-December-18
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 8-December-18
Mahanagar Metro Ahmedabad 7-December-18
Subah Savera Ahmedabad 6-December-18
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 8-December-18
Satellite Samachar Ahmedabad 6-December-18
Prabhat Ahmedabad 6-December-18
Divya Gujrat Ahmedabad 6-December-18
Daily Post Dharamshala 16-November-18
Himachal Dastak Dharamshala 16-November-18
Jagmarg Dharamshala 16-November-18
Aap Ka Faisla Palampur 17-November-18
The Hindu Business Line National 14-November-18
The Financial Express National 14-November-18
The Financial Chronicle National 14-November-18
The Financial Express-Gujarati National 14-November-18
Navbharat Mumbai 14-November-18
Yashobhoomi Mumbai 14-November-18
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 14-November-18
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 14-November-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 14-November-18
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 14-November-18
Aaj Lucknow 14-November-18
Sach Di Pattari Chandigarh 12-November-18
Punjabi Times Chandigarh 12-November-18
Dainik Arth Parkash Chandigarh 11-November-18
Daily Milap Chandigarh 11-November-18
Aj Di Awaaz Chandigarh 11-November-18
Denik Bhaskar Chandigarh 10-November-18
Aap ka Faisla Chandigarh 10-November-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 10-November-18
Janadesh Times Lucknow 10-November-18
Tarumitra Lucknow 10-November-18
Aaj Lucknow 10-November-18
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 10-November-18
Roz ki khabar Lucknow 10-November-18
Pioneer New Delhi 09-November-18
Samay Aur Samaj Patna 11-october-18
Aman Chain Patna 12-october-18
Qaumi Tanzeem Patna 12-october-18
Farooqui Tanzeem Patna 12-october-18
Pyari Urdu Patna 12-october-18
Siyasi Piagham Patna 12-october-18
Jnapath Samachar Mumbai 12-october-18
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 13-october-18
Aaj Patna 14-october-18
Navbharat Mumbai 15-october-18
Tarunmitra Lucknow 11-october-18
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 11-october-18
Yeshobhoomi Mumbai 11-october-18
Hindustan Lucknow 11-october-18
Yugmarg Chandigarh 11-october-18
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 11-october-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 11-october-18
Aap Ka Faisla Chandigarh 11-october-18
Vir Arjun Chandigarh 11-october-18
Punjab Keshri Chandigarh 11-october-18
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 11-october-18
Dainik Arth Prakash Chandigarh 11-october-18
The Meghalya Guardian Guwahati 10-october-18
Himalyan Mirror Guwahati 09-october-18
The North East Times Guwahati 10-october-18
The Hills Times Guwahati 09-october-18
Aaj Lucknow 28-september-18
Voice Of Lucknow Lucknow 28-september-18
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 28-september-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 28-september-18
Jansandesh Times Lucknow 28-september-18
Tarumitra Lucknow 28-september-18
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 19-September-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 19-September-18
Aaj Lucknow 19-September-18
Aaj Lucknow 8-July-18
Spast Awaz Lucknow 19-September-18
Swatantra Bharat Lucknow 19-September-18
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 10-July-18
Mahanagar Metro Ahmedabad 9-July-18
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 9-July-18
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 3-July-18
Gujarat Business Watch (Weekly) Ahmedabad 29-May-18
The Financial Express All Edition 30-May-18
The Financial Express Ahmedabad 31-May-18
Vishwavani Bangalore 1-June-18
Salam Dunia Kolkata 1-June-18
Yugmarg Punjab 01-May-18
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 01-May-18
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 01-May-18
Dainik Savera Chandigarh 01-May-18
Vir Arjun Chandigarh 01-May-18
Divya Himachal Chandigarh 01-May-18
Charhdikala Chandigarh 01-May-18
Dainik Arth Parkash Chandigarh 01-May-18
Dainik Encounter Chandigarh 01-May-18
Aap ka Faisla Chandigarh 01-May-18
Sanmarg Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Sahanamela Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Dunia Khabar Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Darsanna Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Manthan Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Paryabekhyak Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Political & Business Daily Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Suryaparava Bhubaneswar 24-APRIL-18
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 20-APRIL-18
Metro Herald Ahmedabad 19-APRIL-18
Nirmal Metro Ahmedabad 19-APRIL-18
Satellite Samachar Ahmedabad 19-APRIL-18
Maha Nagar Metro Ahmedabad 18-APRIL-18
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 18-APRIL-18
Herald Youngleader Ahmedabad 17-APRIL-18
GBW Weekly Ahmedabad 17-APRIL-18
Public Call Ahmedabad 17-APRIL-18
Hindustan Lucknow 16-FEBRUARY-18
Janmadhyam New Delhi 16-FEBRUARY-18
Jansandesh Times Kanpur 16-FEBRUARY-18
Metro Herald Ahmedabad 16-FEBRUARY-18
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 16-FEBRUARY-18
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 16-FEBRUARY-18
Rashtriya Swaroop New Delhi 16-FEBRUARY-18
Satantra Bharat New Delhi 16-FEBRUARY-18
Voice of Lucknow New Delhi 16-FEBRUARY-18
Aaj kanpur 15-FEBRUARY-18
Swtantra Chetna Lucknow 17-JANUARY-18
Aaj Lucknow 17-JANUARY-18
Sanmarg Patna 17-JANUARY-18
Uttam Hindu Chandigarh 16-JANUARY-18
Gujarat Business Watch Ahmedabad 16-JANUARY-18
Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 16-JANUARY-18
I-Next Varanasi 16-JANUARY-18
Andhraparbha Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Andhrajyoti Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Andhraparbha Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Parja Sakti Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Mana Telangana Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Vyapar Hindi Mumbai 15-JANUARY-18
Divya Himachal Punjab 15-JANUARY-18
Navbharat Mumbai 15-JANUARY-18
The Hans India Hyderabad 15-JANUARY-18
Mumbai Lakshadweep Mumbai 14-JANUARY-18
Vir Arjun Chandigarh 14-JANUARY-18
Active Times Mumbai 14-JANUARY-18
Jansandesh Times Kanpur 14-JANUARY-18
The Pioneer Kanpur 14-JANUARY-18
Hindustan Lucknow 14-JANUARY-18
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Dainik Arth Parkash Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Yugmarg Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Lucknow News Ahemdabad 13-JANUARY-18
Yugmarg Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
The Hindu Business Line Bangalore 13-JANUARY-18
The Economics Times Bangalore 13-JANUARY-18
Free Press Gujarat Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Standard Herald Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Lokmitra Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Pehredar Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Aaj Di Awaaz Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Akali Patrika Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Metro Herald Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Marwad Mitra Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Mahanagar Metro Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Jan Hitasishi Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Herald Young Leader Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Alpviram Ahmedabad 13-JANUARY-18
Yeshbhoomi Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Dainik Arthprakash Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Hamara Mahanagar Mumbai 13-JANUARY-18
Janpath Samachar Mumbai 13-JANUARY-18
Kanpur Ujala Kanpur 13-JANUARY-18
Janmadhyam Lucknow 13-JANUARY-18
Spasht Awaz Lucknow 13-JANUARY-18
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 13-JANUARY-18
Millap Chandigarh 13-JANUARY-18
Media Darshan Patna 13-JANUARY-18
Swaraj Khabar Patna 13-JANUARY-18
Amritvarsha Patna 13-JANUARY-18
Vir Arjun New Delhi 13-JANUARY-18
Rashtriya Sahara Patna 13-JANUARY-18
The Tribune Chandigarh 10-OCTOBER-17
The Tribune Delhi 10-OCTOBER-17
The Tribune Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Punjabi Jagran Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Akali Patrika Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Daily Post Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Uttam Hindu Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Milap Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Aaj Di Awaaz Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Jag Marg Delhi 10-OCTOBER-17
Pehredar Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Dainik Arth Prakash Ludhiana 10-OCTOBER-17
Prajashakti Hyderabad 8-OCTOBER-17
Mana Telangana Hyderabad 8-OCTOBER-17
Sakshi Hyderabad 7-OCTOBER-17
DNA Delhi 03-OCTOBER-17
DNA Mumbai 03-OCTOBER-17
DNA Ahmedabad 03-OCTOBER-17
The Statesman Kolkata 03-OCTOBER-17
DNA Jaipur 03-OCTOBER-17
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Nav Bharat Mumbai 15-SEPTEMBER-17
The Financial Express All Editions 15-SEPTEMBER-17
Financial Chronicle All Editions 15-SEPTEMBER-17
Economic Times (Gujarati) Ahmedabad 15-SEPTEMBER-17
Economic Times (Gujarati) Mumbai 15-SEPTEMBER-17
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Ei-Samay (TOI Bangla) Kolkata 15-SEPTEMBER-17
The Echo of India Kolkata 15-SEPTEMBER-17
The Times Of India Jaipur 08-AUGUST-17
Rajasthan Patrika Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
Rajasthan Patrika Jaipur(Dark Edition) 06-AUGUST-17
Jalte Deep Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
Dainik Navjyoti Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
Punjab Kesari Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
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Mahanagar Times Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
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Morning News Jaipur 06-AUGUST-17
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Ei Samay Kolkata 11-July-17
Jansatta Kolkata 11-July-17
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Echo of India Kolkata 9-July-17
Salam Duniya Kolkata 9-July-17
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NBT Lucknow 26-June-17
Dainik Jagran Lucknow 26-June-17
Daily News Activst Lucknow 25-June-17
Aaj Lucknow 25-June-17
Janmadhyam Lucknow 25-June-17
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Voice of Lucknow Lucknow 25-June-17
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Gujarat Vaibhav Ahmedabad 21-June-17
Western Times-Gujarati Ahmedabad 21-June-17
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Jan Hiteshi Ahmedabad 21-June-17
Amar Ujala Varanasi 15-June-17
Rastriya Sahara Varanasi 15-June-17
Pioneer Varanasi 15-June-17
Pioneer Hindi Varanasi 15-June-17
Aaj Varanasi 15-June-17
United Bharat Varanasi 15-June-17
Swatantra Chetna Varanasi 15-June-17
Gyan Shikha Times Varanasi 15-June-17
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Samachar Dhara Varanasi 15-June-17
Bharatdoot Varanasi 15-June-17
Halate Watan Varanasi 15-June-17
Aawaze Mulk Varanasi 15-June-17
Kaal Bhairav Varanasi 15-June-17
Chetna Vichardhara Varanasi 15-June-17
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Dainik Jagran Patna 14-June-17
Prabhat Khabar Patna 14-June-17
Hindustan Patna 14-June-17
Aaj Patna 14-June-17
Sanmarg Patna 14-June-17
Pratyush Navbihar Patna 14-June-17
Dainik Bhaskar Patna 14-June-17
Hindustan Lucknow 6-June-17
Kanpur Ujala Lucknow 6-June-17
Mana Telangana Hyderabad 6-June-17
Dophar ka Saamana Mumbai 6-June-17
Yashobhoomi Mumbai 6-June-17
Pehredar Chandigarh 6-June-17
Divya Gujarat Ahmedabad 6-June-17
Yashobhoomi Mumbai 06-JUNE-17
The Financial Express (Gujarati) Ahmedabad 01-JUNE-17
Financial Chronicle National 31-May-17
Eenadu Hyderabad 31-May-17
The Navhind Times Goa 23-May-17
Sindhudurg Samachar Goa 23-May-17
Dainik Herald Goa 22-May-17
The Goan Vartha Goa 22-May-17
Punjab Kesari Dehradun 03-May-17
Veer Arjun Dehradun 03-May-17
Shah Times Dehradun 03-May-17
Punjab Kesari Shimla 25-April-17
Dainik Bhaskar Shimla 25-April-17
Himachal Dastak Shimla 24-April-17
Telangana Today Hyderabad 16-April-17
Sakshi Hyderabad 16-April-17
Andhra Jyoti Hyderabad 16-April-17
Andhra Prabha Hyderabad 16-April-17
Namaste Telangana Hyderabad 16-April-17
Nava Telangana Hyderabad 16-April-17
Prajasakti Hyderabad 16-April-17
Surya Hyderabad 16-April-17
Vartha Hyderabad 16-April-17
Vishaldhara Hyderabad 16-April-17
Hindustan Patna 11-April-17
I-next Lucknow 11-April-17
Rashtriya Sahara Lucknow 11-April-17
Jansandesh Lucknow 11-April-17
Awadhnama Lucknow 11-April-17
Rashtriya Swaroop Lucknow 11-April-17
Janmadhyam Lucknow 11-April-17
Roj Ki Khabar Lucknow 11-April-17
Rahat Times Lucknow 11-April-17
Kanwhizz Times Lucknow 11-April-17
Vichar Sankalan Lucknow 11-April-17
Punjabi Jagran Chandigarh 09-April-17
Punchkula Samachar Chandigarh 09-April-17
Encounter Chandigarh 09-April-17
Pal Pal Chandigarh 09-April-17
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 08-April-17
Himachal Dastak Chandigarh 08-April-17
Dainik Savera Chandigarh 08-April-17
Punjab Kesari Chandigarh 08-April-17
Dainik Bhaskar Chandigarh 08-April-17
Ajit Samachar Chandigarh 08-April-17
Vir Arjun Chandigarh 08-April-17
Yugmarg Chandigarh 08-April-17
Himachal Dastak Chandigarh 08-April-17
Dainik Savera Chandigarh 08-April-17
Charhadikala Chandigarh 08-April-17
Jagmarg Chandigarh 08-April-17
Dainik Bhaskar Patna 02-April-17
Dainik Jagran Patna 01-April-17
Prabhat Khabar Patna 01-April-17
Aaj Patna 31-March-17
Rajasthan patrika Jaipur 01-April-2016
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Prabhat Ahmedabad Jaipur 01-April-2016
Herald Youngleader Jaipur 01-April-2016
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Rajasthan patrika Jaipur 16-March-2016
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Amar ujala Jaipur 13-March-2016
Purvanchal Prahari Guwahati 15-Feb-2016
The Assam Post Guwahati 14-Feb-2016
Aaj - Kamdhenu wins Asia & GCC Award Lucknow 05-Jan-2016

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