Accessories & Rainwater System

Kamdhenu Sheets offers wide range of accessories and rain water systems to achieve customer satisfaction. Our accessories provide total efficiency to the roofing systems and are custom made according to requirements while also preserving its aesthetic appearance.

Curved Profiles
Kamdhenu Sheets also produces Arch/ Curved Profile, which is available in concave as well as convex shape to add more beauty to architectural features in the building.

SDF Screws and Fiber Sheets
Kamdhenu Sheets has robust industry tie ups to provide the best quality Self Tapping Screw (STS) Self Drilling Screw (SDS) to suit all types roofing in colors that match your roof. We always recommend using fasteners, specially designed for color coated roofing as poor quality fasteners can damage the sheets and can cause corrosion. We provide Poly Carbonate Sheets which are an excellent roof glazing & cladding material and an ideal choice for natural light in the building.

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