Chemical Composition
Kamdhenu structural products are produced of grades E250, E275 & E300 with a quality A grade As Per IS 2062:2011. However, carbon & Manganese levels are restricted to much lower than the specification, which results in excellent ductility, high bend ability and superior weld ability.

Chemistry unit IS 2062:2011 Kamdhenu
Carbon % 0.23 Max 0.22 Max
Manganese % 1.50 Max 1.00 Max
Sulphur % 0.045 Max 0.045 Max
Phosphorus % 0.045 Max 0.045 Max
Carbon Equivalent % 0.42 Max 0.40 Max

Mechanical Properties
Because of their unique method of manufacturing, Kamdhenu structural products possesses a combination of strength and ductility that is far in excess of minimum limits specified in the standard.

Mechanical Properties unit Dia/thickness (mm) IS 2062, Fe 410W A Kamdhenu
Yield Stress N/mm2 <20
250 min
240 min
230 min
260 min
250 min
240 min
Tensile Strength N/mm2 - 410 min 420 min
Elongation N/mm2 - 23 min 24 min

Dimensional Tolerances
Kamdhenu structural product is supplied with section Weight & dimension lower than the nominal Section Weight lower than nominal up to 3%

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