Chairman's Message

We have a dream,
A dream to create a world with limitless possibilities for everyone.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all the visitors to Kamdhenu Group website. I am confident that the group information contained through the pages of this website will prove extremely useful and beneficial for all concerned.

Kamdhenu Limited as you all know is a well established flagship company operating in the business of steel manufacturing since 1995. In order to bring more transparency and dynamism to the operations of the company, Kamdhenu Limited ventured into Franchisee Business Model.

This step has been taken to involve more and more regional steel units spread in the vast stretch of the country by encouraging their participation and support in technology transfer / upgradation of their facilities for better productivity levels. Interested parties will find all the important information here to tie-up with us in our innovative Franchisee Business Model, which is a step forward for enabling de-centralization of production base.

Kamdhenu also forayed into decorative paints business in 2008. The complete information about Kamdhenu Paints is available on separate website

The product profiles are also elaborated at length for better insight on the technical details and highlight the Quality benchmarking process undertaken by Kamdhenu Group to meet the International Standards.

The site also reflects the steady growth of our financial standings over a period of time and also highlights the outstanding achievements that have seen us grow to the level of operations that we are today. The positive market indicators including the Brand Awareness, Market share and Profit Margins of the company are also illustrated with graphical visuals for easy comprehension.

In a larger sense, this site is a true reflection of what Kamdhenu Group looks from the inside, and that is exactly what we want to show to every visitor coming to this website.

With warm regards,

Satish Kumar Agarwal
Chairman & Managing Director

Our philosophy

Success is a constant journey. Every milestone leading to new accomplishments…
Every organization, which sets its eyes on growing big has to incessantly abide by a definite set of work-ethics to raise its credibility in the market. That's why, we at Kamdhenu also believe in living up to a set of conventions and follow them conscientiously in each and every sphere of our activities.








quality assurance


customer satisfaction


Kamdhenu Limited has been a pioneer in this revolutionary concept of Franchisee Model having attained success in the middle tier steel segment on a regional front. With exhaustive study of the market trends and categorising the steel manufacturing companies, Kamdhenu Limited offers them an envelope; sealed with its brand name and assistance in technology, quality, consistency and marketing of Kamdhenu range of products. This mode of concept serves dual purpose- the franchisee units benefit a lot by availing Kamdhenu’s brand premium and strong marketing network, while Kamdhenu Limited benefits from the royalty that it gets from these franchisees for using its brand name. The model also gives a unique identity to the franchisee units and helps them in leveraging their level of operations and quality to sustain well amidst rising competition in the steel sector.
And ultimately it also benefits the customer, who gains the most by getting top quality products at the most effective prices.
The Franchisee Business Model adopted by Kamdhenu Limited is really changing the way its’ partners do business regionally. The trusted name of Kamdhenu is spelling a new tale of success by leveraging their facilities to perform on a far improved level and thus bringing in more productivity in their day-to-day operations.

Brand Awareness

Kamdhenu Group fully understands the importance of brand awareness and has a full chalked out policy on utilizing various media platforms to disseminate information about its products and services. Kamdhenu’s Central and Regional management network oversees need based information generation through advertisements and similar promotional campaigns.

The mediums used for media promotions include all the conventional and unconventional medias available today.

Electronic Media

Airing of creatively produced product ads through electronic channels. Also promoting through internet websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and e-mails etc.

Print Media

Print ads disseminating information about our products and services across the nation through Magazines, Newspapers etc.

Outdoor Media

Hoardings, Banners, Kiosks, Wall Paintings, Bus Shelters, Translights and other outdoor media.

Promotional Materials

Distribution of catalogues, brochures, visiting cards, shop branding, sample board, pen, pad, mason kit having branding of Kamdhenu products.

Brand Educational Activities

Dealers & Distributor Meets, Customer Meets, Seminars, conferences, Workshops, etc.

Events & Schemes

Bollywood Star Nights, Live Concerts of famous Singers, Overseas trips of dealers, Dealers’ Tours.

Our Success Story

Every success story has a humble beginning, so was ours. This story of hard work and success started in the year 1995 where a creative young individual started work in a production unit and instigated this expedition into India's steel sector with a single reinforcement steel bars manufacturing business at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. The hard slog and uphill struggle soon, within the flashes of year brought the journey to a milestone with Kamdhenu Group where the business took shape of a company of towering reputation, in the Indian Steel market.

What started as a single manufacturing unit has now triggered into above 50 manufacturing units across the country as a leading steel manufacturers and the string seems to be getting longer.

Kamdhenu Group has in its list of manufacturing, marketing, branding and distribution of a diverse range of products including Reinforcement steel Bars, Structural steels, Binding Wire, Colour Coated Sheets, PEB, Pipes and many more.

In the last few years the company has grown from ‘one of them’ to ‘one of the best,’ and has been making dynamic progress with an intention of growing bigger but together.

our Vision

Vision without an action is dream. Dream without action is mere fantasy. Action with a vision is making a difference. We have been keeping our dreams alive with our undying faith and belief in our potential, determination and dedication.

We have made a difference with our constant surge to step ahead, in the course of which, we have now launched a new set of pro-active plans to Establish its' overseas presence across the globe by the year 2030.

We have set our eyes on decentralization of the production base by undertaking strategic alliances, tie-ups and acquisitions of unorganized and medium sized manufacturing units mushrooming all over the country and getting all of them under Kamdhenu umbrella through technical upgradation, implementation of Quality Management System and effective distribution through the exclusive dealer network and Stockyard Model.

In the list of top priority is the brand positioning of the products under the Kamdhenu brand. Stress has been laid upon the publicity and advertising methods to create a better recall of the brand & products. The brand has now been positioned as "Best Quality at Best Price".

Board of Directors

The people behind Kamdhenu’s success are individuals of great vision, integrity and professionalism, whose able guidance is escalating/elevating Kamdhenu to unparalleled heights of success and recognition. We are deeply honoured to have such able professionals in the helm of our affairs.

Board Committees

Audit Committee
  1. Shri Madhusudan Agarwal - Chairman
  2. Shri Sunil Kumar Agarwal - Member
  3. Shri Baldev Raj Sachdeva - Member
  4. Smt. Pravin Tripathi - Member
Corporate Social Responsilibility Committee
  1. Mr. Satish Kumar Agarwal - Chairman
  2. Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal - Member
  3. Mrs. Pravin Tripathi – Member
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  1. Shri Baldev Raj Sachdeva - Chairman
  2. Shri Madhusudhan Agarwal - Member
  3. Smt. Pravin Tripathi - Member
  4. Shri Saurabh Agarwal - Member
Stakeholders Relationship Committee
  1. Shri Baldev Raj Sachdeva - Chairman
  2. Shri Saurabh Agarwal - Member
  3. Shri Sachin Agarwal – Member
  4. Shri Vivek Jindal - Member
Risk Management Committee
  1. Shri Satish Kumar Agarwal - Chairman
  2. Shri Sunil Kumar Agarwal - Member
  3. Shri Vivek Jindal - Member
  4. Shri Baldev Raj Sachdeva - Member
  5. Shri Harish Kumar Agarwal - Member

CSR Initiatives

Having weaved a campaign around this philosophy we have launched a ‘Green India’ drive under which our 7500 dealers and distributors are motivated to plant at least 5 saplings each year and nurture them to complete growth. Apart from the environmental safety, another initiative ensuring basic education for the underprivileged children is called KAMDHENU JEEVANDHARA.
We also organize camps, motivational programs, special skills for the physically challenged, across the country on regular basis in association with other social organizations.
We believe that life brings moral responsibility along with several other things, therefore we believe in giving back to the society. Since the community has given us so much including the recognition in the society, patronage and clientele to spread out our business to such great pinnacle, we at Kamdhenu Limited are committed to our responsibility towards the society as a whole.
We make sure that our thoughts are converted into actions to maintain the environmental sustainability for the generations to come. Taking special care to avoid any damage to the environment, we ensure that effective steps are taken to avoid industrial discharge and unhealthy ways of residue or garbage disposal.

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    We also organize camps across the country on regular basis in association with other social organizations, motivational programs, special skills for the physically challenged are held.


    Having weaved a campaign around this philosophy we have recently launched a ‘Green India’ drive under which our 7500 dealers and distributors will be motivated to plant at least 5 saplings each year and nurture them to complete growth. Apart from the environmental safety, another initiative ensuring basic education for the underprivileged children is called ‘Kamdhenu Jeevan Dhaara’.

  • BloodDonation

    At Kamdhenu, we believe in doing all that we can for our people. We have organized various blood donation camps across the country and have educated people on the benefits of donating blood on regular intervals.

  • Donating for those who need help

    We can't change how they were born but we can make sure how life treats them. We make donations to various organizations who work for the physically challenged kids and provides them all the physical and moral support they need.

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

    We are promoters of the Swachh Bharat initiative and we have organized various drills to engage people into keeping their surrounding localities clean and healthy.

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