Product Range and Others

Kamdhenu PAS 10000 rebars are available in various sizes at retail/distribution networks across India: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 & 32 mm.

Physical Properties
Kamdhenu PAS 10000 is manufactured by a unique method maintaining a combination of strength & ductility that far exceeds the minimum limit specified in BIS.

Product Packaging
Each Kamdhenu PAS 10000 rebar is supplied in a fixed length of 12 meters to ensure standard processing and therefore causing less wastage during fabrication. Kamdhenu PAS 10000 is supplied section wise in convenient pre-packed bundles with fixed number of pieces per bundle.

Unique Service Offerings
Selling by piece - Every Kamdhenu PAS 10000 rebar is sold in a standard length of 12 meters, thereby removing the hassle of weighing. Recommended Consumer Price (RCP): Kamdhenu PAS 10000 rebars are sold at RCP for better transparency. The RCP is displayed at all dealers' outlets.

Application for Kamdhenu 10000
Kamdhenu PAS 10000 should be applied where high ductility is desired. These applications include structures that are subject to forces difficult to quantify because of the nature of those forces or due to lack of knowledge about those forces such as:
1 Dynamic loading
2 Explosions
3 Sudden impact
4 Compressive and tensile forces

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