Structural Steel

Structural Steel Profile

  • Kamdhenu Limited manufactures structural steel under franchisee arrangement
  • The company has begun the production of a multitude of special contours such as angles, channels, beams, flats, round & square.
  • The product has high strength, high ductility, superior bend-ability, weld-ability and straightness for better fabrication
  • With lower sectional weight and higher strength technique, these products are highly cost-effective and save steel.

Advantage of Kamdhenu Structural Products

  • High Strength and High Ductility

This combination results in adding safety of structure.

  • Superior Bend ability, Weld ability and Straightness

The superior bend ability, Weld ability & Straightness of Kamdhenu structural product compared to others, the Kamdhenu structural products are easy to fabricate.

  • Economic in Application

Steel Saving due to lower sectional weight and higher strength technique, Adopted by Kamdhenu Engineers.

  • Available in every state of India.

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