MR AND BWP Block Board

MR AND BWP Block Board (IS: 1659)
This Plywood is made out of excellent quality of Platinum Timbers. Logs are quarter sawn into Planks using SDR method, which are chemically treated and well seasoned before converting into battens in a multiple ripsaw. Utmost care is taken to ensure no gaps, overlapping or corrugation, which eliminates the chance of opening up of the board when cut. Battens are sandwitched between two glued mechanically dried and extra thick veneers and are pressed in hot press under accurate temperature and pressure. Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin is used in Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade and Phenol Synthetic Resin is used for producing Boiling Water Proof (BWR) grade.

Quarter sawing of logs and proper seasoning of planks make it dimensionally stable and treatment of planks, poisoning of glue line and preservative treatment of finished block board make Kamdhenu Block Board durable, borer and termite resistant. This plywood is available in the standard sizes (in meters) 2.44x1.22, 2.14x1.22, 1.84x1.22, 2.44x0.92, 2.14x0.92 and 1.84x0.92 and in thickness 19mm and 25mm.

Technical Specifications

Moisture Content 10-12% 10-12%
Water resistance test No de-laminating after 3 hrs of immersion at 60 deg. Celsius No de-laminating after 72 hous boiling
Mycological Test No de-lamination No de-lamination
MOE >5000 N/mm2 >6000 N/mm2
Specific gravity 0.50 0.60
ew holding strength > 100 kg > 100 kg
Nail holding strength > 50 kg > 50 kg

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