Kamdhenu Ductility

Safety of concrete structure is first
Concrete is a brittle without ductility, and cannot be used for structural applications without reinforcement. The ductility within a structure, something which concrete does not have, is provided by the steel reinforcement. Therefore, the steel must be sufficiently ductile so that every reinforced concrete section, including structural elements, has the capacity to deform by an adequate amount.
Ductility of the element is its ability to withstand deflection or extensive cracking in an overload situation, without sudden catastrophic collapse.

Imagine a beam built of plain concrete without reinforcing steel supported at both ends and in the middle.

If we load both spans than:

  • On initial loading, the beam deflects a little.
  • In the second stage of loading, the beam collapses all of sudden.

Now if the concrete is reinforced with steel bars and loaded in the same way as before than:

  • In initial stage of the loading, the beam deflects a little.
  • In the second stage of loading, the beam continues to deform.
  • In the third stage of loading, the beam deflects some more and small cracks appear.
  • In the fourth stage of loading, the beam deflects even more and cracking becomes more extensive.
  • In general, higher steel ductility provides greater ductility to the beam.

Bond strength
In addition to the strength and ductility requirements, reinforced concrete needs adequate bonding between steel and concrete to ensure the composite works efficiently and cracks are under control. Perfect bonding between concrete and ductility is a property of reinforcing steel that is essential in those applications where structures are subject to unexpected forces (Seismic, dynamic, impact etc.)
KAMDHENU SS 10000 boasts more than 200% higher values as compared to required bond strength. The structure of two ribs at different angles gives an intact bonding with concrete.

Bending & Re-bending
KAMDHENU SS 10000 Bars have outstanding bending properties and bend and re-bend without cracking. The tough outer surface and a ductile core result in a rebar with extremely high bend ability. These bars can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS: 1786.

KAMDHENU SS 10000 Bars offer superior weld ability than conventional or ordinary TMT due to its low carbon equivalent. They can be easily butt-welded or lap-welded using ordinary coated electrodes of similar strength. No pre-warming or post-heat treatment is necessary in manual arc welding either.

Corrosion Resistance
KAMDHENU SS 10000 Bars are produced by thermo-mechanical treatment and not by cold twisting therefore eliminating torsion residual stress in the bars which tender superior corrosion resistance.

High Temperature Resistance
KAMDHENU SS 10000 Bars retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300°C & 500°C.

Application for Kamdhenu SS 10000
Kamdhenu SS 10000 should be applied where high ductility is desired. These applications include structures that are subject to forces difficult to quantify; because of the nature of those forces or due to lack of knowledge about those forces such as:

  • Dynamic loading
  • Explosions
  • Sudden impact
  • Compressive and tensile forces
  • Seismic Design
    • Kamdhenu SS 10000 is best suited for constructions pertaining under high seismic zone. The building structure subjected to seismic forces; the manner in which the structure reacts is highly dependent on the ductility of the steel and the bond with concrete. Kamdhenu SS 10000 revealed superior seismic resistance properties during stimulated earthquake conditions.

      On reinforced concrete, beam column joints to evaluate performance under repeated reverse loading with inelastic strains. The energy dissipation was bound to be almost the same for each cycle indicating uniform ductility till failure. Each structure should be designed by the qualified structural Engineers with proper factor of safety of Seismic stress to ensure the best results of KAMDHENU SS10000 TMT Bars.

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