Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical Properties
Kamdhenu SS 10000 is produced as a unique range product of company within the quality standards according to BIS specifications & as well as comply with BS (British Standards) B500C. Its carbon level is maintained at much lower than the specification, which results in its excellent ductility, high bendability, better corrosion resistant & superior weldability. The other undesirable impurities like S&P that impair the overall longevity of rebars inside construction are also maintained at much lower in Kamdhenu SS 10000 than specification.

Chemical Properties Table

Chemical Element Unit IS 1786, Fe-500 D Kamdhenu SS 10000 UK - Based Bar B500C
C % 0.25 Max 0.23 Max 0.24 Max
CE % 0.42 Max 0.38 Max 0.52 Max
S % 0.040 Max 0.035 Max 0.055 Max
P % 0.040 max 0.035 Max 0.055 Max
S+P % 0.075 Max 0.070 Max 0.100 Max

*As contained in 90% of the heat.

Physical Properties
Kamdhenu SS 10000 is manufactured by unique method maintaining a combination of strength & ductility that far exceeds the minimum limit specified in BIS.


Mechanical Properties Unit IS 1786, Fe-500D Kamdhenu SS 10000 UK - Based Bar B500C
Yield Stress (YS) N/mm2 500 Min 530 Min 500 Min
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) N/mm2 565 Min 610 Min 575 Min
UTS / YS Ratio 1.10 Min 1.15 Min 1.15 Min
Elongation % 16 Min 18 Min 16 Min
Uniform Elongation % 5.0 Min 8.0 Min 7.5 Min

*As contained in 90% of the heats.

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